Ghost @ Wembley Arena (22.11.19)

Over a year since their notorious show at the prestigious venue, Royal Albert Hall, Ghost returned to London to leave their mark at the SSE Arena in Wembley.

Bringing their charismatic, slightly-inappropriate charm to the stage, Ghost refused to hold back on any aspect of their performance. From multiple costume changes of frontman, Cardinal Copia, to showering the audience with their personally-designed dollars, the band were certain to ensure that their performance put all other artists to shame.

Opened by the equally-as-theatrical band, Tribulation, anyone clad in jeans and a t-shirt felt blatantly underdressed for the elaborate and extravagant show that preceded them.

Beginning their set with the eerie and ominous song, ‘Ashes’ from their latest album, Prequelle, the band perfectly set up anticipation for the performance that was to follow. Building suspense as the members entered the stage, a pin-drop could be heard as all 12,000 people waited patiently for their first song to kick in.

Consisting of 20 songs, the band’s set included the perfect blend of classic, high-energy hits such as ‘From The Pinnacle To The Pit’, alongside the retro, stripped-back vibe of their latest EP- Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic.

From an avalanche of Ghost-dollars to a ghoulish-rendition of the Eastender‘s theme, attendees were certain that the show they were witnessing was unique and customised to them; never again to be replicated.

Scroll to check out the images captured from the show, listed below!

Cardinal Copia of Ghost during the song ‘Spirit’
From their latest release, ‘Mary on a Cross’
A moment captured in ‘Satan Prayer’
From the outro to ‘Ghuleh/Zombie Queen’
A moment with the audience
A Ghoul proving you don’t need a name to be unforgettable
The plague doctors keeping a watchful eye on the audience


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