Alice In Chains @ Wembley Arena (25.5.19)

Nearly a year since their last show in London, Alice In Chains returned on the second leg of their Tour to promote their latest album- Rainer Fog.

Playing an even bigger venue than the first time around, the renowned Grunge band packed Wembley’s SSE Arena to the brim with devoted fans desperate to get as close as they could to the action.

Promising their usual intense performances, the band did not disappoint- bringing the energy to make the arena come alive with excitement and movement. Opening with one of their most aggressive songs: ‘Bleed The Freak’, followed by ‘Check My Brain’ and ‘Again’, the audience was thrown headfirst into the set that was to follow.

Supported by California-based band, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Alice In Chains played a total of 21 songs- ranging from their immense, powerful hits such as ‘Man In The Box’ and ‘Dam That River’, to their newer, more stripped back songs including ‘Never Fade’.

An immediate eruption of vigour from the moment they stepped onto the stage, the band gradually led the audience into their more melancholic, sombre songs with precision and ease, before ending the show with the same force that they opened with.

With the precision of guitarist, Jerry Cantrell alongside the powerful vocals of William DuVall, the band brought the same intensity to their shows as they did three decades ago. Capturing the same anguish as their previous vocalist, Layne Staley but with a new, distinctive approach, DuVall’s impact allows the band’s latest work goes hand-in-hand with their classics- creating a refined, unmissable performance.

Scroll down to see photographs captured from the show.


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