Kiko Loureiro- “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)” Single Review

Nearly a decade since his last solo album, Megadeth and ex-Angra guitarist, Kiko Loureiro is back with the lead single from his upcoming album, Open Source.

Earlier this week, Kiko Loureiro debuted the first lead single off his upcoming solo album- “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)”.

Independently produced, the single came as a surprise to fans as the guitarist revealed a brand new approach to his music, quite unlike anything he had previously done. 

Although famed for his work alongside Megadeth and Angra, Kiko Loureiro has also had an extensive solo career, dabbling in genres from Progressive Metal to Jazz Fusion. Yet, despite his versatile range, the release of his latest single, “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)” caught many off guard: providing potentially his most experimental work to date.

Mixed by the renowned Adam “Nolly” Getgood, most recognisable for his work alongside Periphery, the single deviates from the style that Kiko Loureiro is most commonly associated with and, instead, replaces it with a modern metal twist. 

Taking a step back from the immense technicality and emotion of his previous releases, the single comes as a breath of fresh air: experimenting with a new Djent-inspired sound that opens the guitarist up to new audiences. 

From the use of extended range guitars to the layering of clean and distorted sections, it becomes clear that the album isn’t ‘experimental’ in order to become more commercial, but rather to suggest a new horizon is installed for the musician. 

Constantly striving to push boundaries in his work, from his longevity in Angra to his diversity in his solo projects, the single becomes a humble reminder that the guitarist has no intention of settling down- despite being at the height of his career. 

The track also hints to be a gentle warning against the effects of our technology-driven society, as exemplified in the music video. Deviating away from what is expected of him, “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)”, appears as a way for the musician to reinvent himself as a player, able to venture into new territory without ever losing his distinctive edge. 

The unforeseeable sound of the single has not only caught fans off-guard, but also generated intrigue for his upcoming album, Open Source. Yet, as an individual single, Kiko Loureiro promises that he has no plans of confining himself: instead, striving to inspire as many potential audiences as possible by constantly evolving as a musician.

“EDM (e-Dependent Mind)” is available now on all streaming platforms. Open Source is due to be released later this summer. Check out the album cover below!


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