Avatar announce their return with new single- ‘Silence In The Age Of Apes’

Debuting the first single from their upcoming album, Avatar have come roaring back with a new image and an even heavier sound.

Now two years since the release of Avatar Country, the eccentric band from Sweden are back- teasing us with their debut single for their upcoming eighth studio album: Hunter Gatherer.

The single, ‘Silence In The Age Of Apes’ announces Avatar’s return with a bang. Although slightly more thrashy than their previous releases, the song is unquestionably ‘Avatar’ as it finds the perfect balance between their intense, fast pace and their flamboyant and charismatic image.

Those who have watched the music video of the single already will be surprised to see that the song also debuts a brand new image unlike ever seen before. Abandoning their grandiose, regal attire for something more stripped-back

From the gold-studded garments that were fit-for-royalty in their previous album, the band are now rocking a uniformed farmer-esque look including leather dungarees and plain red tops. Still, despite their new look, the song itself seems to be a nod to their Black Waltz sound and hints that the upcoming album is going to be a fan-favourite.

As to the album as a whole? Theatrical and ever-insightful frontman, Johannes Eckerström, says that the theme of the album is about the evolution of mankind and our dependence on modern technology.

Inspired by the Yuval Noah Harari book, Sapiens, the album promises to explore man’s evolution from the Stone Age into the present day.

Fascinated by the progression of mankind, the band want to use Hunter Gatherer to shy away from the quick-paced, technology-driven world around them and take a step back in time- analysing how people cater their lives around the technology that they created.

The single, ‘Silence In The Age Of Apes’ is available now on all streaming platforms. Avatar’s eighth studio album, Hunter Gatherer, is set to be released on August 7th via eOne Music.

Check out the album cover and track list below!

Track List

01. “Silence in the Age of Apes”

02. “Colossus”

03. “A Secret Door”

04. “God of Sick Dreams”

05. “Scream Until You Wake”

06. “Child”

07. “Justice”

08. “Gun”

09. “When All but Force Has Failed”

10. “Wormhole”


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