Kiko Loureiro- “Imminent Threat” Single Review

Back with the second single from his upcoming album, Open Source, Megadeth guitarists, past and present, create a new sound in the latest release.

Following the release of the debut single, “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)” last week, Kiko Loureiro is back with the second single from his upcoming album.

But, first, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. The release of “Imminent Threat” marks a moment that many Megadeth fans have long awaited: the collaboration between the current lead guitarist and the renowned ex-member, Marty Friedman.

Putting any rumours or comparisons firmly to rest, “Imminent Threat” showcases some of the most extraordinary guitar-playing of recent years, providing a stunning hybrid of music genres and playing styles throughout the song’s entirety.

Although demonstrating an impeccable level of technicality in the previous single, “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)”, many fans were caught off-guard by the debut track’s Djent-inspired sound and how it diverted away from the genres most commonly associated with the guitarist.

“Imminent Threat”, however, assures to not only satisfy fans, but to also showcase the musicians new-found direction more prominently than previously seen.

From the technical introduction that effortlessly picks up where “EDM (e-Dependent Mind)” left off, to the signature sound that the Brazilian guitarist is famed upon, the track is, without doubt, Loureiro’s most refined work as of yet.

Standing at just over five minutes long, “Imminent Threat” generates both an elegant hybrid of alternating genres and, underpinned by its refreshingly standardised structure, a sense of simplicity that makes the track accessible for all audiences.

As for Marty Friedman’s input into the song; the ex-Megadeth guitarist provides his distinguished sound for which he is most widely recognised, yet, still manages to compliment the song perfectly. 

As a whole, the virtuosic dynamic of the song is guaranteed to make the track a fan-favourite. By embedding his signature Brazilian sound alongside a refreshing and accessible element of modern metal, the guitarist reassures fans that he hasn’t abandoned his roots but, instead, is opting to broaden his horizons with his most inspired music to date.

“Imminent Threat” is available now on all streaming services. Open Source is due to be released on July 10th.


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