The Ghost Inside- Self-Titled Review

An album of hope and perseverance, The Ghost Inside are back with their album founded upon their tragedy.

Back in 2015, tragedy struck when The Ghost Inside’s tour bus collided with a trailer outside of El Paso. 

Killing the drivers outright, the crash also left drummer, Andrew Tkaczyk comatose for 10 days and losing his leg, vocalist, Jonathan Vigil unable to walk, and guitarist, Zach Johnson with several toes amputated and still undergoing multiple operations. 

Yet, despite the horror that the band experienced on that day 5 years ago, the band have returned to the studios to produce one of their most impactful and meaningful albums to date.

Their fifth studio album since forming in 2004, the self-titled album isn’t a release downtrodden by retrospective trauma, but rather an album of positivity and a determination to overcome their past.

Insistent that they don’t deviate too far from their signature sound, The Ghost Inside, showcases an impressive blend of American Metalcore riffs alongside a newfound sense of maturity and deeper meaning. 

The release seems oddly fitting with the context in which it was released, documenting a time of confusion and turmoil, marked with a sense of loss and tragedy, much like the current circumstances of the global pandemic. 

From the opening of the album with ‘1333’, it becomes clear that the members have no intention of self-pity or letting their tumultuous past define them. Instead, opting for a hard-hitting sound, it quickly becomes clear that the album is not to be one of woe, but one of defiance and strength as they begin a new chapter.

With songs such as ‘Still Alive’, ‘Pressure Point’ and ‘Phoenix Rise’ dominating the album, it is undeniable that the band know their strengths and want to stick with the sound that they’ve perfected throughout their career.

However, whilst The Ghost Inside for the majority of the album, stick with their distinctive Metalcore sound throughout, songs such as ‘Make Or Break’, ‘One Choice’ and ‘Began Again’ incorporate elements of electronic backdrops that hint a new path for the band.

Alongside their straightforward, distinctive breakdowns and roaring vocals, The Ghost Inside also embed subtle hints of acoustic introductions and clean singing to give them more nuance than previously seen. 

With ‘Overexposure’, ‘Unseen’ and ‘Aftermath’ incorporating elements of elegance and haunting instrumental sections throughout, The Ghost Inside prove that with this latest album, they can transform pain and trauma into hope and positivity. 

Drawing to the end of that chapter of their lives, the album symbolises the beginning of a new era. Incorporating deeper meaning and a more distinctive, recognisable sound alongside their devotion to a largely straightforward Metalcore sound, The Ghost Inside promises fans that the band have no signs of slowing down- regardless of what the future has installed for them. 

The Ghost Inside is out now via Epitaph Records and available on all streaming services.


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