Gojira- “Another World” Single Review

Back with their first new song in four years, Gojira have erupted back into the spotlight with one of the most important tracks of the decade. 

In a world where everyone wants to be politically motivated and have some element of ‘deeper-meaning’ in their music, none ever seem to do this quite as well as Gojira.

Openly addressing themes of Veganism, Pollution and the Global Warming crisis throughout their discography, the French band have never been ones to shy away from some of the world’s most prominent and controversial issues- actively striving to make their voices heard. 

Now, with the release of their latest single, ‘Another World’, the band have taken this to the next level, producing, what is soon to be considered as, one of the most important songs of the decade.

Following all of the turmoil of this recent year, from the Australian forest fires at the beginning of the year to the global pandemic caused by unsanitary conditions in wet markets, no one could be expected to release a song that properly grasps the issues across the globe more accurately than Gojira.

With a sound that, to an extent, conforms to their distinctive technical approach, ‘Another World’ also incorporates a new, refreshing side to their discography. Considerably less ferocious than their other hits such as ‘Love’ and ‘Mouth of Kala’, the latest release feels much more refined and mature than the thunderous eruption of sound the band became famed upon. 

Yet, for devoted fans, this comes as no surprise following the release of tracks such as Magma’s ‘Low Lands’ and interviews in which the band openly state they want to follow a more emotion-driven and heartfelt route.

Although drawing parallels to both ‘Oroborus’ and ‘Global Warming’ in its sound, the true essence of ‘Another World’ is only illuminated once heard alongside the powerful music video. 

Rather than simply barking out petty, generalised remarks at world leaders without any true conviction, something that has made up the bulk of ‘political messages’ in music over recent years, the band instead offer both a clear visual and verbal message that undoubtedly hits home: there is no planet B. 

Carrying messages of animal abuse, as a result of the meat and dairy industry, and the threat of pandemic-level viruses as Duplantier opens with the hard-hitting line “We mock and slaughter all the purest kinds”- Gojira once again prove that they are more than capable of tackling the world’s most colossal issues with an unchallenged ease and finesse.

To summarise the track, it simply goes to prove once more that Gojira remain the most important band of recent years. Perfectly able to balance their distinctive sound whilst embedding a new, more mature approach, the track offers fans hope that the band’s best work is still yet to come and that their upcoming, highly-anticipated album is guaranteed to change the course of metal music.




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