Marilyn Manson- “WE ARE CHAOS” Single Review

The lead single from his upcoming album brings out a new solemnness to the singer’s extensive discography.

Announcing his return with the release of a brand new single, ‘WE ARE CHAOS’ earlier this week, Marilyn Manson has immediately got the Metal world on the edge of their seats- patiently anticipating his forthcoming album. 

Most famed for his blatant refusal to conform, Manson has become infamous for his defiance of expectations and perfectly unique sound. Yet, as his eleventh studio album, We Are Chaos approaches, the eponymous lead single of the album has captured the attention of fans across the globe due to its tameness.

An epic track, ‘WE ARE CHAOS’ promises to breathe a new lease of life into the musician’s extensive discography.

From the stripped-back and emotionally fuelled vocals to the raw, acoustic riffs, the lead single feels more suited to the soundtrack of a David Fincher film than to Manson’s most famous hits such as ‘The Beautiful People’ and ‘The Dope Show’. 

Yet, although noticeably more refined and mainstream than his previous work, the track is by no means an indication that Manson has abandoned his signature sound. 

The lyrics alone perfectly showcase the distinctive edge that allowed him to stand apart from the crowds for so many years.  Almost uplifting and commercialised in its sound, the track is juxtaposed by the melancholic, haunting lyrics that remind the listeners exactly who they’re listening to. 

To summarise, by remaining loyal to his roots, ‘WE ARE CHAOS’ is a refreshed, matured version of Manson’s best work. Sending the same message that he has always stuck by, the upcoming album holds the potential to be the singer’s most refined, atmospheric work to date.




‘WE ARE CHAOS’ is out now via  and available on all streaming platforms.

Marilyn Manson’s upcoming album, We Are Chaos, is due to be released later this year. Scroll down to see the album artwork!


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