Weekend Picnic: The Minnesota Band That Are Changing the World’s Perception of Rock

Incorporating a unique blend of Pop, Metal and Punk in their sound, the up-and-coming band are set to reshape the music industry as we know it. 

Forming just last year, Minnesota-based band, Weekend Picnic are already set to send tidal waves across the metal scene.

Releasing their debut single, ‘Suffer The Silence’ last month, the band have found a unique gap in the market- a way to produce heavy, arena-style rock in a way that is accessible for all audiences.

Speaking to the band, they described in their own words just who they are and what exactly they’re looking to achieve with Weekend Picnic!

A self-proclaimed melting pot of different genres and styles, the band aims to captivate both metal and pop audiences alike- creating the most invigorating riffs alongside catchy, uptempo choruses that you can sing along with at the top of your lungs. 

With a wide range of musical influences, each song on the forthcoming album promises to be a track that demands to be played loud. As the band insist, their goal with Weekend Picnic is to resonate with a magnitude of different audiences: “[what we want to achieve is] to make each song articulate something that somebody would enjoy who is a fan of almost any genre.”

They state: “We are certainly writing tracks that we’d want to hear ourselves! But, we also know that our kind of music can capture the attention of a lot of listeners. We’re hoping that our music breaks away from the classic molds that hold people to a certain sound.”

Striving to defy genres with their debut album, Weekend Picnic could easily be the band to shatter the all-too stale stigmas centring around the rock and metal scene. Able to galvanise the radio-friendly-pop fans with even the most elitist-metalheads, the sound captured by the fourpiece could easily catapult them into becoming the ‘next big thing’.

With the hard-hitting heaviness of guitarists, Valle and Bangasser, precise technicality of drummer, Morrisette and distinctive elegance of vocalist, Ehren Thomas, the album is deserving of the same hype as other bands of its calibre.

However, what the future has installed for Weekend Picnic is largely kept under wraps for now. Yet to play a live show due to current global circumstances, the band are expected to come to life once they hit the stage.

“Our name hopefully can allude to the kind of fun we’re hoping to have on-stage. We love our music though, so expect us to share it with that same enthusiasm and high energy!” They say. 

Speaking of the longevity of the band and potential routes later down the line, the band are determined to maintain their goal with their music for years to come. Looking at what to expect from them next, the members reassure fans that they are devoted to their current sound and wanting to explore it further in their future releases.

“[Our] Songs were built to have a very singable melody and hook like pop music, Thunderous and heavy riffs like Metal and Hard Rock, quick high energy themes like Punk, and hard-hitting rhythmic passes like Djent and Metalcore. This style, though hard to define, came from the desire to make our music accessible for anyone hearing it.” They insist.

“The more you create, the inevitability of evolving always sinks in. However, the same principles will likely apply to all of our music [in years to come]”.




Weekend Picnic’s debut single, ‘Suffer The Silence’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms. To read our review on the track click here!

Similarly, to read the full interview, check out the transcript here!


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