Micky James- “Kings” Single Review

A fusion of politically-motivated pop and the bygone hippie era, the new single is determined to reinvigorate the downtrodden, post-pandemic music scene.

In a scene overrun with music inspired by the current social climate, there seems to be an underlying urge for something new to step into the spotlight. Now, following the release of his new single, ‘Kings’, the up-and-coming alternative rocker, Micky James, has managed to incorporate a much-needed lease of life into the industry.

With a contemporary pop sound, heavily inspired by the alternative rock pioneers of past years, the musician has managed to capture a unique gap in the market.

Bringing the beloved sound of Bowie and The Clash firmly into 2020, ‘Kings’, with utter ease, provides the liberating, feel-good sound of the ’60s and ’70s alongside a new, contemporary spin and deep-rooted political message. 

Heavily effects-driven throughout, the track immediately kicks into the uptempo, groove-inspired opening riff that is guaranteed to captivate all listeners from the moment it begins. Yet, despite the jubilant, vintage feel of the track, the song doesn’t compromise when it comes to the authenticity behind it.

Actively striving throughout his discography to convey a genuine sense of emotion, Micky James refuses to dilute the charisma behind the sound. With an irrefutable sense of passion becoming prevalent as it progresses, the track perfectly manages to convey a surge of energy and positivity throughout- something that is undeniably infectious to listeners. 

This type of sound couldn’t have come at a more efficient time for the emotionally-drained, post-pandemic society in which it was produced. Resonating with audiences globally due to its uplifting aura, ‘Kings’ provides the perfect escape for all listeners craving a break from the current, chaotic year. 

Yet, although providing a feel-good surge of energy throughout the track, Micky James by no means produces a watered-down, one-dimensional hit. Still withholding his deep-rooted, intrinsic political message throughout, the single carries an important ideology that the musician holds close to his heart.

Discussing the complex and often convoluted relationship between the American government and the younger generation striving for change, the artist’s discography manages to balance on the tightrope between catchy, accessible hits alongside an urgent awareness of social injustice. 

A distinctive layer of raw emotion, inspired by the iconic classic rock and glam artists of past decades, ‘Kings’ serves to reinvigorate the current music scene with a much-needed sense of enthusiasm. Captivating the funk-inspired rhythm of the 70s, underpinned by a vital message for the current generation, Micky James has shed new light on the otherwise-repetitive music scene.




‘Kings’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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