Grande Fox- ‘Kulning’ Review

How the Greek band are infusing a sense of spiritual awakening into the world of heavy metal.

In a scene overrun by the image-conscious artists who carry the same trivial message of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll that Metal music was infamously built upon, Grande Fox are a band founded on a deeper meaning. Forming back in 2013, the Greek three-piece have a clear ambition set in mind when it comes to their sound: conveying a sense of raw emotion and tapping into their spiritual side.

Proudly proclaiming to be “anything but minimalists”, the band’s music is not only fuelled by the social injustices of the external world, but also the underlying, innate desire to explore human consciousness. 

Nowhere is this more expertly demonstrated in the band’s discography than in their debut EP, Kulning.

An open venture into the human psyche and the pursuit of spiritual awakening, Kulning is a release filled to the brim with deeper meaning, tied neatly under the guise of Psychedelic Heavy Rock.

From the ominous, world-music-inspired vocals from guest singer, Angelina Papadopoulou, to the aggression-filled riffs of Zao Lefteris in ‘Hermitage’, the EP serves as an experimental fusion of genres for audiences looking to broaden their horizons.

Remaining an abstract hybrid of conflicting genres throughout its entirety, Kulning is defiant in its blatant refusal to conform to the cliché norms of the metal scene.

Whilst it may not be accessible for all listeners, there is little doubt that the EP has captured something unable to be created by other artists in the scene previously.

Yet, with that being said, it is not to say that Grande Fox remain too abstract to be enjoyed by new audiences. Although underpinned by heavy themes such as spirituality and anti-fascist ideologies, the extensive influences from bands, which span from Pink Floyd to Rage Against The Machine and Alter Bridge, allows the tracks to appeal to a vast range of metal fans.

Varying from the overtly-rock ‘Hermitage’ which rings reminiscent to Led Zeppelin’s ‘No Quarter’, to the haunting and brooding ‘Sealed Curse’, which carries an aura of eeriness, fitting to that of the True Detective soundtrack, the EP, in aspects, seems to skirt around genres in a desperate refusal to conform.

With the vast range of musical influences and extensive list of messages that the band want to convey in just three songs, it will be Grande Fox’s forthcoming release that will be the key to finding out what path the band will choose to pursue. 

For now, however, Kulning remains one of the most intriguing releases of recent years. Pushing the boundaries of genre and incorporating new elements into rock music, Grande Fox are challenging the limitations placed upon musicians and successfully channelling a desire for spiritual-awareness in the process.



Kulning is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Grande Fox, check out the links below!


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