Disillusive Play- ‘Open Arms’ Album Review

How the Greek band are bringing Classic Metal firmly into 2020.

Forming just six years ago, Athenian band, Disillusive Play have already been invigorating the local scenes with their Classic Metal sound.

Covering themes such as love, solitude and personal growth as a result of previous shortcomings, there is no uncertainty that Disillusive Play hold their heart on their sleeve when it comes to their distinctive sound.

Conveying emotive-driven and passion-orientated tracks about personal topics which they hold in high regard, their debut album, Open Arms, demonstrates the band’s ideologies best.

Heavily inspired by the Classic Rock and Metal pioneers of the 1970s and 1980s, the sound of Open Arms serves as a homage to the great age of Metal music- with influences such as Rainbow and Motörhead prevailing. 

Yet, with the stand out vocals of frontwoman, Antigoni Kalamara, contributing an aura of elegance into the release, Disillusive play have found something that enables them to stand head and shoulders above the crowds.

From their epic, proudly-defiant track, ‘Watered Soil’ to their raw, acoustic ballad, ‘Final Decision Made’, the album remains continuously strong throughout. With a no-nonsense approach to Metal, the band challenges the norm of trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’, instead providing a foolproof Classic Metal album that stands proudly alongside its predecessors.

Providing an energy-filled, explosion of raw, unfiltered emotion once they hit the stage, the band are using their deep-rooted messages to connect with audiences from across the globe. Firmly built upon the foundation of creating a close, intimate relationship with their listeners, Disillusive Play’s ideologies remain unambiguous as they proudly proclaim that “Music is unity”.

Although predominantly vocal-driven throughout, tracks such as ‘Alpha’, ‘In The Blink of a Life’ and ‘Open Arms’ all carry technical nuances, with elements of Prog infiltrating the songs and enabling them to stand out as the strongest on the album.

As to the future of Disillusive Play? The band ensure fans that there is no set destination that they have with their sound; promising that their sound will continue to evolve with each new release.

Aiming to only depict matters close to their heart and convey a sense of authenticity and purity with their sound, there is no limitation as to what their next release could withhold. For now though, Open Arms remains a stand-out debut album. By reviving the lost metal pioneers of yesteryear and using Prog influences, the album has brought Disillusive Play into the scene with a bang. 



Open Arms is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Disillusive Play, check out the links below!






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