Marcelo Deiss- ‘Gridlock’ Review

Combining the blues-inspired sound of the ’60s with indie rock, the up-and-coming songwriter’s latest singles perfectly balances on the tightrope between familiarity and refreshing newness.

The Brazilian born, London based musician, Marcelo Deiss has begun to capture attention from across the industry with his latest singles on Gridlock

A hybrid of genres, ranging from indie, blues, alternative rock and folk, Gridlock doesn’t just provide the perfect soundtrack for the remainder of the year, but also serves to convey a much-needed message about the political world that lurks beneath our everyday lives.

Centred around deep-rooted motifs such as the hypocrisy of the figures in power and the injustice embedded into our daily routines, Gridlock sheds light on some of 2020’s biggest issues, whilst simultaneously providing a sound that is appealing to any music-lover.

From the title track, ‘Gridlock’, an uplifting, summer anthem that emits positivity, to the more emotion-driven, stripped-back ‘MEDO’, Deiss finds an elegance throughout his music, showcasing his ability to jump between genres without ever sacrificing his distinctive edge.

Inspired by names such as Jimi Hendrix, Wilco and Albert King, Marcelo Deiss refuses to conform to the boundaries of genre. 

With the feel-good, effect-driven backdrop, juxtaposed by the raspy, raw vocal style, the singles seem to convey a new, refreshing sound, distinctive to Deiss, yet with the warmth and familiarity of the 1960s.

Drawing parallels to both the Grunge icon, Mark Lanegan and the pop sensation, Hozier, through the gritty vocal style, Gridlock, with utter ease, provides a sound that can be appreciated by fans of any genre, whilst shedding light on the injustices hidden in plain sight.

Reflecting the issues he sees embedded in society, the singles tackles heavy themes that are coming to dominate the recent year, including Brexit, Black Lives Matter and the Me Too movement- provoking the much-needed discussions that many artists shy away from.

What’s more, with inspiration for his discography being taken from visual artists, from the likes of Steve Cutts and John Holcroft, Marcelo Deiss seems to do something more than use an accessible sound to convey a statement about society. The experimental, unorthodox layers throughout each of the three tracks allows the artist to create an aura around his music, stirring up an unmistakable sense of emotion as it progresses.

As to the future of Deiss, it is safe to assume that the artist will continue to use his platform to bring awareness to ongoing issues and to make his audience reflect on the world around them. Outwardly rejecting the easy categorisation of his music by blending multiple genres together, there is no doubt that the artist’s future releases will push boundaries and evolve his distinctive sound further.




To check out the singles, click here!

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