Front Country- ‘The Reckoning’ Single Review

Finding their own aesthetic and creating a harmonious balance between solitude and unity, the band’s latest single is all too necessary in current circumstances.

With many artists this year channelling their own experiences of the pandemic into their music, few seem to capture it with such ease as Front Country. Refusing to simply discuss the turmoil of the world around them, the Nashville-based band have incorporated a specific message of unity, hope and perseverance in their latest single, ‘The Reckoning’.

Although inspired by the devastation and polarisation rife within our community, what stands out most about the track is its ability to convey an authentic, raw sense of passion throughout.

Whilst written prior to the pandemic, when the ‘sickness’ in question was merely a metaphor, ‘The Reckoning’ has coincidentally served to become one of the most relevant releases of 2020.

Shedding a much-needed positive aspect onto a year filled to the brim with tragedy, the track generates an uplifting aura that is infectious to listeners. From the stripped-back, minimal approach at the beginning of the song, to the gradually-intensifying climax as the track draws to a close, Front Country use ‘The Reckoning’ as a journey into optimism and unity that all audiences can relate to.

What is most striking throughout the song is the heart-rending and emotion-fuelled vocals of frontwoman, Melody Walker. Embedding elements of Soul, Blues and Americana into the acoustic introduction, it is these vocals that separate Front Country from the rest and, instead, allow them to develop their own unique sound and aesthetic throughout their music.

Discussing downtrodden motifs including sickness, isolation and a loss of hope alongside an energised message of determination and unity, it is the instrumental layers which transform the song from one of despair to one of perseverance.

Not merely a track that applies to the post-pandemic world we are currently living in, Front Country further use their platform to shed light upon societal injustices with their discography.

Alluding to the political polarization and suppressive hierarchies built into society, ‘The Reckoning’ not only allows us to make sense of the chaotic world around us, but also inspires self-reflection and personal growth.

Overall, with the cascading instrumentals, thought-evoking lyricism and intricate string arrangement as the track evolves, Front Country don’t just articulate a stunning song of companionship and understanding, but also capture a distinctive sound in the process. 

Subverting genres and conveying an atmosphere of hope, ‘The Reckoning’ proves to be Front Country’s strongest release to date; provoking intrigue from fans as to what the future will hold for the band.  



‘The Reckoning’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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