Lomon- “Escape Velocity” Single Review

Using an element of fantasy to tackle some of the darkest issues, the up-and-coming artist uses his latest single to carry a message of strength.

Debuting his latest single, ‘Escape Velocity’, earlier this month, the Seattle-based musician, Lomon has reinvigorated the scene with a much-needed sense of fantasy.

An uplifting track filled with positivity and whimsical escape, ‘Escape Velocity’ is a must-hear track of the year; carrying both an important message of perseverance and a comforting escape from the issues rigged in society.

Hypnotic and dream-like through it’s playful approach to layers, effects and harmonies, the atmosphere generated by the single is unlike anything else on the scene, ringing reminiscent to the heyday of alternative legend, David Bowie.

From the ethereal layering of instruments to Lomon’s enchanting vocal melodies throughout, the track captures a distinctive aura of transcendence that is unmistakable to listeners. 

Yet, whilst conveying a sound that transports audiences to another world, the lyrics simultaneously provide a grounded message vitally needed for current circumstances.

Using the track to shed light on the seemingly never-ending strive to be free from addiction, ‘Escape Velocity’ uses it’s psychedelic, indie sound to draw attention to some of the most prominent struggles in society.

With the lyrics depicting the ongoing fight to break a dangerous cycle, and the failure that follows every attempt, Lomon uses the single to discuss issues rife across the music industry and encourage listeners to maintain hope, even in the face of endless defeat.

Influenced from artists such as The Beatles and Tame Impala, the songwriter ensures to maintain an accessible, familiar sound within the track, whilst still pushing the boundaries to give his discography its own, unique spin. 

With its downtrodden, issue-orientated lyrics, the artist’s heart-rending vocals suggest a gentle nod towards alternative artists including The Smiths and Smashing Pumpkins. However, with the abstract sense of unity and optimism that becomes prevalent as the track progresses, Lomon brings his sound firmly into the current day- discussing issues of mental health, climate change and the journey for acceptance in a way unlike ever heard before.

Overall, by using his distinctive, whimsical approach to some of the heaviest issues, Lomon has concocted an addictive sound that is unlike anything produced in recent years. With the added ambience of artists such as David Bowie and the downtrodden, emotion-driven motifs, ‘Escape Velocity’ is the must-hear track for audiences looking to venture into a brand new genre. 



“Escape Velocity” is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To listen to the track, click below!

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