Metalcore Anthems to Fuel a Revolution: A Review of Horror Dance Squad’s Latest Album, ‘No Flag Will Fly Forever’

Blending Punk, Metalcore and a hint of Techno, find out how the band’s latest album provides the anthems for those wanting to reinvent the world around them.

Back with their eagerly awaited second album, No Flag Will Fly Forever, Horror Dance Squad have returned with what is proving to be their most impressive release yet.

Bringing their intricate fusion of Punk Rock and Metalcore, the band deliver their signature sound in a more refined way than ever before- showcasing to listeners their most ambitious, yet strongest sound to date.

Conceptually centred around the socio-political issues embedded within our everyday lives and calling for action against the corrupt figures in positions of authority, the band remain loyal to their roots and cling onto the traditional values of Punk throughout the release.

‘Callous Cage’, ‘Out Of Breath’ and ‘Something Went Wrong’ all demonstrate this best. With the ferocious, emotion-driven vocals, these are the tracks that will stop listeners in their path and demand unwavering focus. 

From the heavy, yet rhythmic instrumentals of the songs to the chilling line “I blame these choices that leave us both choiceless” in ‘Callous Cage’, Horror Dance Squad refuse to hold back when it comes to making their voices heard throughout the album.

Conveying their frustration and raw passion to the topics at hand, simultaneous to a feeling of despair and melancholy, the album does something more than provide their hard-hitting, signature sound, it galvanises audiences far and wide to actively push against injustice.

However, this immense and unwavering intensity should not be misconstrued for that of a cliché, overbearing release. 

Whilst bringing an eruption of force as the band use their Metalcore and Punk sound to condemn political figureheads, there are many moments on the album that allow a more emotional side of Horror Dance Squad to come to light.

Solemn and heartfelt aspects of the album begin to develop as it progresses, with ‘Happy Face’ and ‘Therapy’ delivering an intimate, vulnerable glimpse into the band unlike ever seen before. Exploring not only external issues in society, the band also use No Flag Will Fly Forever to venture into deep-rooted personal struggles- giving a new element of meaning into the release.

Self-proclaimed as “a voyage through the human condition as we experience it in our day and age”, the band aim to delve into the ever-changing reality of mankind with the album- unifying listeners through their similarities and urging younger generations to strive for a better future.

From the unadulterated aggression of tracks including ‘Cancer’ and ‘Burn This Place Down’ to the more intricate and unorthodox route of ‘Wild’ and ‘Therapy’, which intertwine Techno and EDM into their signature sound, the album has become the bands’ most experimental, yet eye-catching release to date.

Delivering a message of unity and solidity for those overwhelmed by current circumstances, Horror Dance Squad are certain to inject a new lease of life into the music scene- generating an unmistakable force that allows them to stand head and shoulders above the masses.



No Flag Will Fly Forever is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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