Inspiring Global Change and Defying Easy Categorisation: How Front Country are Breaking The Mould of Genre

Striving for their own aesthetic and actively tackling some of the most dire socio-political issues, find out how the Folk-Rock band have created one of the most important tracks of 2020

Capturing a much-needed message of hope and resilience even before the emergence of the Covid-19 Pandemic, US Folk band Front Country have created one of the most relevant tracks of 2020 with their latest track, ‘The Reckoning’.

Whilst the current circumstances across the globe have affected us all heavily, becoming the focal point of nearly every aspect of society… few seem to capture the socio-political climate in a way quite as refined as the band. 

Talking to Melody Walker, earlier this month, the frontwoman elaborated on both the inspiration for the single, and what the future holds install for Front Country.

Forming back in 2011, Front Country have always been a band set apart from others in the industry. A unique fusion of Americana, Rock and Folk, the politically-motivated band have actively strived to distance themselves from easy categorisation and the restrictive notions of genre. 

From the frontwoman, Melody Walker’s enchanting vocals to the hauntingly beautiful string arrangement and layering of instrumentals throughout each track, it is fair to assume that the band refuse to dilute the intricate complexity of their music.

Nowhere is this better seen than in their heart-rending single, ‘The Reckoning’.

Written back in 2019, the element of “sickness” discussed within the track was a mere metaphor at the time, with its relevance to current circumstances only increasing in momentum as time passed.

Discussing the hit, Walker reflects upon the time the song was written and how, despite tumultuous circumstances giving it a new meaning, the original message within the song remains.

She states: “‘The Reckoning’ [was originally written as] a somber accounting of the current political moment […] it points to our collective responsibility for the way things are going. […] We have all contributed to the decline of American democracy, and only we can fix it.” 

She continues: “I think the original message of ‘The Reckoning’ still stands. I definitely didn’t mean for the “sickness” it references to be literal [… but] I do think this pause for reflection is positive and grants us a lot of perspective”.

Influenced by an array of various artists, spanning from Brandi Carlile to Lady Gaga, it seems that the unique sound captured by Front Country stems from an underlying desire to create their own, singular aesthetic… an aesthetic that refuses to shy away from some of the direst issues.

Looking to their latest album, the band reflect upon their underlying desire to break the mould of what was expected from them, but also their want to provide a refreshing, positive approach to some of the darkest issues.

“There was definitely a push toward positivity for this album since we’ve been living in such dark times […] I think I really needed to prove to myself that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” She confirms.

“[We always been inspired by] artists [who] are able to get messages across with really infectious songs that are joyful, even when they are addressing difficult subject matter.” Walker says. “[Moving to Nashville] has really pushed my songwriting to a new level, and made us want to take more musical risks as a band. […]  We were determined to have no rules for what it could sound like.”

After already pinpointing a sound distinctive to them and addressing some of the most intense issues prominent across society, the question arises as to what the future holds for Front Country.

Having honed in on their unique edge that separates them from others in the industry, the band ensure that they will continue to expand their sound- venturing down new avenues to constantly evolve into something new.

Looking to future releases, the vocalist states that Front Country may have an electronic-based future ahead of them. She states: “All of us in the band are wanting to explore even more into the Electro-Pop, synth side of music. […] There’s something really liberating about the idea of pushing buttons for a while and making music in a completely different way than strings and picks”.

Regardless of what the future withholds for the band, one thing that remains certain is that with the track ‘The Reckoning’, Front Country have served to not only solidify their unique sound, but also provide a much-needed sense of hope for those overwhelmed by the uncertainty of 2020.



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