Prog, Hardcore and Tackling Intersectional Oppression: Cryptodira- ‘Better Left Unsaid’ EP Review

Finding their own unique approach to Progressive Metal, discover how the band have left their stamp on the metal scene.

Back with their first release since their debut album back  in 2017, Progressive Metal band Cryptodira have erupted back onto the scene with their latest EP, Better Left Unsaid.

Prevailing from an assortment of musical inspirations, spanning from Opeth, My Dying Bride and Gojira, the sound captured by the New York-based band is one that defies genres and refuses to settle for simplicity. 

From their ferocious and unorthodox approach to Prog, to the politically-motivated message that underpins the band, with this latest release, Cryptodira are guaranteeing that their upcoming album will provide their most intense sound yet.

Just two tracks long, the first thing that strikes audiences on the EP is the immense density of work that the band can deliver in such a short span of time. Fusing Thrash, Hardcore, Prog and Death Metal throughout both tracks, it soon becomes clear that Cryptodira cannot be constrained in their sound- wanting to venture into a multitude of genres and continuously defy easy categorisation. 

Opening both singles, ‘Unequal Exchange’ and the title track, ‘Better Left Unsaid’ with an unchallenged sense of aggression and passion, there is no doubt that it is the immense force behind Cryptodira’s sound that is the focal point band.

With their angsty vocals and abrupt changes in direction, the band generate an eruption of energy that guarantees to satisfy fans when finally able to be played in a live setting. Yet, whilst strongly reminiscent to bands including Rolo Tomassi, Joviac and Horror Dance Squad, this unorthodox, disjointed sound captured by the four-piece cannot be misconstrued as anyone other than themselves.

Admittedly taking multiple listens in order to fully grasp the concept of each song, the sudden shifts in direction and evasion of genre within the tracks can, at times, become too convoluted to be fully appreciated. Yet, with that being said, the band’s ability to switch between genres whilst simultaneously carrying a vital message against social oppression in itself remains noteworthy. 

Arguably striving to reconstruct the turmoil amid everyday life with their politically-driven message, the vast array of approaches begin to fall into place as details that went initially went unrecognised become prevalent with each revisit.

Not simply an eruption of brutality and heaviness throughout, it is the brief, yet stunning moments of simplicity within both tracks that allow the band to provide some of their best work to date.

Descending from the intensity that dominates both of the tracks, these elements of Opeth-inspired, melancholic sections incorporate a new aspect to Cryptodira’s distinctive sound- establishing them as a band to watch out for in the future.

In its entirety, Better Left Unsaid is an EP quite unlike anything else on the scene currently. From its blatant defiance of genre and determination to convey multiple sounds simultaneously, the overall result of the release is one unique to Crytodira, yet with subtle nods to some of the biggest names in metal. 

Despite being full to the brim of various styles, what stands out most about the band is their ability to unify multiple approaches in a way distinctive to them. Capturing an unmissable sense of passion and raw energy in just two songs, the band promises to galvanise crowds far and wide and have piqued our interest at what is to come from their upcoming album.



Better Left Unsaid is out now and available on all major streaming platforms

Cryptodira’s upcoming second studio album, The Angel Of History, is due to be released on December 4th via Good Fight Music.


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