When Rolo Tomassi Meets Grunge: Void Inn- ‘End This Game’ Album Review

Merging Metal, Grunge and Female-empowered Punk, find out how the band pack a punch quite unlike anyone else.

Back with the second release since their formation a decade ago, Serbian-based band, Void Inn have released their latest album just last month- End This Game

An oddly-familiar blend of Grunge, Heavy Metal and Punk-inspired angst, the band have already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with- capturing a sound quite unlike anyone else on the scene.

Filled to the brim with hard-hitting riffs and eye-catching, polyvalent vocals from frontwoman, Jelena Vujanovic, End This Game delivers the much-needed punch of energy needed in the currently downtrodden circumstances.

Short and sweet, the release stands at just over 20 minutes long and eliminates any possibility of filler content. From the moment the opening track begins, it becomes immediately clear that the band have spent the time since their formation perfecting their sound and working to make sure every release is vital and distinctive to them. 

Proudly holding a Grunge-inspired sound, mixed with an undeniably Punk sense of angst and passion, what is most striking about End This Game is the band’s ability to capture a refreshing approach to an already familiar sound.

Tracks such as ‘Stay Young’, ‘Dead Of Night’ and ‘Hello Misery’ all maintain the same dark, gritty layering of instrumentals as seen with bands such as Alice In Chains. Yet, as the frontwoman proudly demonstrates the wide extent of her vocal abilities, it becomes clear that Void Inn is not to be misconstrued with any other band currently on the scene. 

Spanning from the rugged, angsty vocals, similar to that of iconic female vocalists including Brody Dalle and Courtney Love, to the raw force and sheer power in Vujanovic’s voice which runs parallel to that of Rolo Tomassi’s Eva Korman, there is no doubt that it is the frontwoman’s abilities that truly set the band apart.

‘Show Me What You Got’ and the self-titled track, ‘End This Game’, on the other hand, offer a much more subtle and rhythmic approach to the album. Less abrupt with their approach to these songs, it becomes clear that these are the songs that offer the perfect gateway for music-lovers to discover the band. 

Still withholding the raw energy that enables the album to stand out, it is these tracks that bring Void Inn into a more accessible light, with their catchy riffs and powerful vocals becoming reminiscent to that of Audioslave.

In its entirety, End This Game is undoubtedly Void Inn’s best release to date, captivating audiences with their distinctive yet accessible sound. Blending the perfect mixture of Thrash, Punk and Grunge all within just six songs, the band stands out head and shoulders above the masses.

Providing the perfect escape from the currently repetitive and downtrodden music scene, End This Game has become one of our favourite releases of 2020. As for the future of Void Inn… we merely hope that the band continues to hone in on their distinctive sound and provide the unavoidable sense of energy and raw passion that they have captured thus far.



End This Game is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Void Inn, check out the links below.






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