A Nostalgic Glimpse Back into 80s Thrash: Madicide- ‘Death March’ Single Review

With a flashback into the golden age of Thrash, find out how the band are reinventing themselves after a five-year hiatus!

Back after their five-year hiatus, Thrash Metal band, Madicide are announcing their return to the scene with a new version of their previous release, ‘Death March’.

Building up to their new album, due to be released in early 2021, Madicide promise a new, better and more concise approach to their Classic Thrash sound than ever heard before. 

Teasing listeners with what to expect from their upcoming work, the Welsh rockers deliver the perfect assortment of Thrash, Heavy Metal and the same grittiness as in the underground Punk scene- perfect for those looking to take a step back into the Golden Age of Pantera, Motörhead and Metallica.

Opening with their signature chugging chords and simple, heavy riffs, Madicide take us back to the early-80s era of Heavy Metal from the moment the track begins. Avoiding the overproduction and needless technical showboating seen all too often in the current market, ‘Death March’ instead opts to stay loyal to classic metal values- prioritising the sound over anything else.

Unsurprisingly derived from Metal legends such as Pantera, Motörhead and Arch Enemy, the raw energy and passion conveyed the band is paramount, guaranteeing to galvanise and immerse any crowd lucky enough to witness the song live… whenever that may be. 

Yet, whilst the track remains undeniably founded upon the band’s Classic Thrash roots, that isn’t to say that Madicide are limited when it comes to their range of ability. 

Set to deliver a more focused and nuanced sound than in prior releases, the band seem determined to declare themselves as more than what meets the eye.

Self-proclaimed fans of multiple genres, spanning from Prog to Blues, what we are most looking forward to with the Madicide’s future releases is witnessing their ability to incorporate elements of refinement alongside their distinctive Thrash edge- something not yet demonstrated throughout their discography.

For now though, ‘Death March’ is set to win over fans far and wide- catapulting Madicide into the spotlight for their upcoming album. From their heavy dosage of Thrash nostalgia, to their gritty, punk-inspired sense of angst as they chant the ominous line “Death March Until You Die”, the single perfectly conveys the same passion and raw energy as seen in Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All and Motörhead’s legendary release, Ace Of Spades.

Deviating away from current expectations with their sound and returning to a more modest and stripped-back time in music, the sound captured by ‘Death March’ is certain to be welcomed with open arms by metalheads across the globe.

Honing in on the raw, underground sound that Thrash became founded upon, Madicide come as a refreshing escape from the overly-complex metal that currently clutters the scene- successfully building anticipation for the upcoming release from the band.



‘Death March’ is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

The band’s upcoming album is due to be released in early 2021.

To keep up to date with Madicide, check out the links below!





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