Bringing Metal into Alternative Rock: Daniel Markham’s ‘Burnout’ Album Review

Retracing his musical origins, discover how the album takes a new approach to American Heavy Metal

Self-proclaimed as “ugly music for ugly times”, it seems as though Alternative Rocker, Daniel Markham’s latest album, Burnout, couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

Usually well renowned for his Alternative Rock and Country style, this time around the musician has opted for a darker and more sinister approach- delving headfirst into his Metal origins.

Tackling the overwhelming feeling of loss, turmoil and self-doubt inextricably tied to the current circumstances, Burnout has become an important representation of the society around us which insists on being heard far and wide.

Alice In Chains inspired with the use of droning, yet solemn riffs continuously through the tracks, ‘Don’t It Feel So Good’, ’Sleep In’ and ‘Sun Is Black Again’ all stand out as some of the strongest tracks on the album. Guaranteed to satisfy any Grunge lover, these first three tracks ring reminiscent to artists including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with their stripped-back approach to American Metal.

With underlying motifs of melancholy, frustration and perseverance becoming prominent across the release, this no-frills approach used by Markham pays off in volumes, generating one of the most brutally honest and important releases of the year.

‘Strawberry’ and ‘It’s A Spaceman, Man’, on the other hand, take a much more nuanced route than the first half of the album. Staying more loyal to Markham’s previous releases, it is these tracks that call out best to his Country and Alternative Rock roots.

Able to both pack an uplifting punch of energy and simultaneously convey a relaxed, stripped back sound across the album, it goes without saying that the artist has remained true to his word by never becoming contained by the notion of genre.

Although, at times, it can begin to grow stagnant, with the artist refusing to evolve the direction of the album as it progresses. Tracks such as ‘Eleven’, ‘Glamorous Like Goddesses’ and ‘Safe Without You’ fall into this trap. Whilst strong songs when heard isolated from the rest of the album, when embedded together, the lack of deviation within the overall sound means these songs become lost amid the rest of the release. 

Yet, with that being said, there doesn’t appear to be any songs on the album that necessarily miss the target- with each one remaining undeniably unique to Markham.

As a whole, Burnout is a must-hear for fans of bands such as The White stripes, Audioslave and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Honing in on a sound distinctive to him, the artist conveys a perfect reflection of the dejection rife within the current social climate.

Taking the risk of returning to his Metal origins and incorporating them alongside his distinguished sound, the overall sound captured by Markham is a triumphant success- making his discography more unique than ever before and opening himself up to new audiences across the globe. 



Burnout is out now and available here!

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