Reimagining the Metal Scene: Peculiar Three’s ‘Leap of Faith’ Album Review

Defying boundaries and exploring themes of Literature, Philosophy and Human Emotion, find out why the trio’s latest album is quite unlike any other.

In a world increasingly obsessed with politics and online trends, it can feel impossible to find an escape from the turmoil and disarray that surrounds everyday life. In fact, it is often in these times that a strong dosage of escape becomes necessary.

Now as we close another chapter, leaving behind the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, it comes as a breath of fresh air to discover the distinctive and unorthodox sound of Peculiar Three’s latest album, Leap of Faith.

Forming in Greece back in 2013, the trio have never been ones to settle for predictability. With a sound influenced by Prog, Alternative Metal and Heavy Rock, Peculiar Three first made their presence known with their 2014 EP, P3culiar.

Yet, with the release of their latest album, Leap of Faith, it became immediately clear that the band are only just getting started, already providing a unique sound that is sure to turn heads across the industry.

Embodying their approach to the band as a self-proclaimed Uroborus, the three-piece reject the traditional notions of metal. Abandoning the cliché topics discussed all too often in the scene, the band instead opt for a more nuanced approach to their sound- using the album to discuss concepts including human nature, literature and philosophy.

Nowhere do the band showcase this better than in the second track of the album, ‘Innermost’. With an unmissable Prog and Metal sound, embedded with hints of the 1990s Grunge Scene, the track stands out as potentially the strongest on the album.

Whilst demonstrating stunning technicality and musical virtuosity throughout, it is the hard-hitting discussion of existence and perseverance that resonates most with audiences as the vocalist echoes the haunting lines “Our days are numbered, we have no time to spare” and “How can I dream in a world full of dust and decay?”.

Tracks ‘Perpetual’, ‘Marginal’ and ‘Leap of Faith’ are similarly the standout tracks of the album, demonstrating Peculiar Three’s ability to merge genres together- creating a sound distinctive to them. With their gritty, 90s inspired riffs and simple, yet impactful vocal melodies, the band generate a Heavy Metal and Prog sound certain to galvanise audiences when played live.

Although the sound of the band begins to shift as the album progresses, with ‘Inkblot’ and ‘The Sentient’ deviating almost too far in another direction from the remaining tracks, it is the album’s closing song, ‘Caliban’s End’ that captures the trio’s diversity and ability best.

A world apart from the rest of the album, ‘Caliban’s End’ instead pursues a majestic and timeless sound, more suited to a live theatre performance than a metal album. Whilst it stands apart from the remainder of the songs, the orchestral and cinematic approach to the track comes as a welcome surprise- reinventing the way metal is perceived and generating intrigue as to what the band will attempt next.

With a seemingly limitless list of their abilities, Peculiar Three have sparked up our anticipation as to what will come of their future releases.

From their fusion of Alternative Metal, Prog and Heavy Rock, to their ability to construct ethereal, orchestral pieces worthy of performance in Shakespeare’s Globe, Leap of Faith offers the perfect escape for music lovers who crave something different from the increasingly repetitive metal scene.



Leap of Faith is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Peculiar Three, check out the links below!


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