Constructing Their Most Intricate and Thunderous Sound Yet- Morrigu: ‘In Turbulence’ Album Review

Four years in the making, discover how the band use their upcoming album bring a sense of refinement to Death Metal.

After countless lineup changes and more than twenty years experience, on April 23rd, the Swiss Metal band, Morrigu, are set to reinvigorate the metal scene with their upcoming album, In Turbulence.

With nods to some of the biggest names on the scene, including Gojira, Trivium and Lamb Of God, the eruption of energy provided in the album is guaranteed to reawaken the currently downtrodden metal community.

Founded in 1999 and undergoing a renaissance in 2007 as they incorporated more modern elements into their sound, the overall impression left by the album is quite unlike any other. Providing the most brutal and earth-shattering moments of Death Metal simultaneously to a sense of emotion and refinement, it is clear that Morrigu have what it takes to stand out from the masses.

Diverting away from a traditional lineup, the band instead opt for a variety of guest musicians across the album. With names including Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates) and Elektra Amber (Amber Town, Nightland) making guest features throughout, Morrigu capture a unique vantage point- able to demonstrate a more distinctive sound than any other band on the scene.

‘Our World Collides’, ‘ ‘Blinded By The Artificial Light’ and ‘The King Of Thieves’ exemplify this intricate approach best. Providing their signature Death Metal sound with an unchallenged sense of passion and vigour, these tracks show Morrigu use the guest appearances to their advantage. By taking the nuances from each guest musician, the band capture moments of orchestral and cinematic refinement alongside their signature heavy sound- resulting in a perfect new discovery for metal lovers.

Utilising their years of experience in the industry, both technicality and refinement provided in bulk. Yet, despite the overall intricate approach, that isn’t to assume that Morrigu are unable to deliver straightforward hits sorely desired by the Metal community.

With tracks including ‘Crowned From Your Fear’, ‘Eternal Darkness’ and ‘A Funeral Of Liberty’ generating the backbone for the album, fans of Gojira and Lamb Of God are expected to turn out in hoards once Morrigu hit the stages once again. From the brutal and harrowing vocals of Ricardo Borges, to the hard-hitting riffs that dominate, the energy conveyed throughout the album is certain to be unmatched by many artists currently on the scene.

As a whole? From the moment that the opening track initiates, it becomes overt that In Turbulence is an album founded on experience. From the ability to convey the stunning nuances from each featured guest, to the raw passion and ferocity within each track, Morrigu have demonstrated their most impressive work to date. 

Providing the circle-pit energy guaranteed to galvanise any crowd when ultimately played live, the four years that went into creating the album has paid off, leaving us wondering what is yet to come from the band. For now though, In Turbulence is an album set to satisfy even the most elite metalheads across the globe and has piqued interest for the future of the band.



In Turbulence is set to be released on April 23rd. The album will be available on all major streaming platforms and physical copies will also be available.

The first single from the album, ‘A Funeral Of Liberty’ is out today- check it out HERE!

To keep up with Morrigu, check out the links below.


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