Lyfordeath Unveil The Music Video For Their Brutal Track, “Heritage”

One of their heaviest tracks thus far, take a look at why the single has captured our attention.

Following the release of their debut album back in 2018, Portuguese band, Lyfordeath, have remained one of the most underrated acts of recent years, consistently producing some of the most immense and powerful Progressive Death Metal on the scene. Now, with the release of their latest single, ‘Heritage’, the band have recently captured our attention with potentially their strongest release to date.

With the regal mantra of the song: “Brother, join us on this journey through the melancholy and humble origins, let us accept our heritage, and fight for a better future”, it becomes immediately clear that the track serves to depict more than a simple brutal Death Metal sound.

Exploring their placement in mankind and venturing into the lives of their ancestors to comprehend their present, the track uses the band’s signature sound to delve into some of the heaviest philosophical questions

Opening with an immediate eruption of energy, Lyfordeath instantly demand undivided attention from the moment the track commences. Building up to the brutal and harrowing scream of vocalist, Gil Dias, it becomes clear that the track is the perfect discovery for both Doom and Death Metal fans.

Inspired by acts such as Opeth, Paradise Lost and Dimu Borgir, ‘Heritage’ conveys both the insurmountable vigour and refinement that allows it to remain potentially the band’s strongest release to date. Echoing chilling lines including “We are more that we have, but a lot less than we think”, ‘Heritage’ stands apart from the majority of Progressive Death Metal on the scene- carrying a sincere question about humanity’s stance in the world and striving for a better tomorrow. 

Eloquently flowing between alternate sections, the track is not only guaranteed to appease the most critical metalheads, but also demonstrate the impeccable musical virtuosity of the musicians involved. From the extraordinary drumming throughout, to the raw force of the central riffs, the final result is truly something not to be missed by the Death Metal community, with Lyfordeath’s ferocity and vigour prevailing in epic proportions.



‘Heritage’ is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the single, click HERE!

To keep up to date with Lyfordeath, check out the links below.


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