REVIEW: Abscession Announce Their Return and Upcoming Album with Latest Track, ‘Rat King Crawl’

Discover how the single defines their Death Metal sound and circle-pit energy better than ever before.

Forming back in 2009, Abscession have gradually been forming a name for themselves across the music scene with their hard-hitting tracks and distinctive approach to Death Metal.

Now, the band announce their return to the scene with the latest single from their upcoming album, Rot of Ages.

The debut single, entitled ‘Rat King Crawl’, comes as a perfect dose of nostalgia for those desperately missing the atmosphere of gigs. Conveying the same energy and vigour as what is expected from a live performance, the ferocity demonstrated across the track is unmissable to listeners and a perfect insight into what we can expect from the remainder of the album.

Opening with its overt, all-guns-blazing riff, it becomes immediately clear that the band place no emphasis on the generic, slow-burning introduction all too prominent throughout most Death Metal tracks.

Instead, Abscession throw us into the deep end of their sound. Short and sweet, the brutality of the track carefully manoeuvres the tightrope between repetitive and unnecessarily Progressive territory. This is done by retaining the simple structure intended for the track, yet playing with alternating rhythms and tempos to prevent it from becoming predictable.

Alongside the thunderous, Randy Blythe-style vocals, it is also the drumming throughout ‘Rat King Crawl’ that draws our eye most. 

Maintaining the energy needed to stop listeners in their tracks, the drums here ring reminiscent to bands such as Gojira, whilst the echoes of vocals in the chorus steer the track in the direction of Thrash– able to command momentum from any audience placed before them.

In its entirety, the intensity of ‘Rat King Crawl’ has surged our interest in the upcoming album, Rot of Ages. With their unwavering signature sound and subtle hints of Thrash, the song draws parallels to some of the biggest names on the scene and establishes the Swedish/German band as an act not to remain under the radar by Death Metal fans.



‘Rat King Crawl’ is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the single, click HERE!

Rot of Ages is set to be released later this spring (date TBA) via Transcending Obscurity Records.


To keep up to date with Abscession, check out the links below!





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