REVIEW: Gojira Channel Sepultura With Their Latest Thought-Provoking Single, “Amazonia”

See how the band conquer new territory in their sound, all the while shedding light on one of the most vital issues of current society.

Continuing to tease fans with tracks from their upcoming album, Fortitude, Gojira have once again stirred up intrigue with their latest harrowing single, ‘Amazonia’.

Released on Friday, the single not only conveys the French band’s intrinsic message more eloquently than ever before, but also sheds a light on some of their biggest musical influences- steering their distinctive sound into new territory.

Centred around the destruction of the rainforest and exploitation of indigenous tribes across Brazil, it comes as no surprise that the motif of the track perfectly encompasses the political and environmental message that Gojira have demonstrated through their discography.

Having recently surpassed twenty years since their debut album, Terra Incognita, the sound of the Jaw-Harp in ‘Amazonia’ seems more fitting than ever before. With nods to their earlier tracks such as ‘Lizard Skin’ and ‘Rememberance’ becoming prominent throughout, the track also showcases some of the band’s biggest influences, with similarities to Sepultura’s 1996 album, Roots, prevailing in the opening riff.

Surprisingly, when held alongside the two previous singles from the upcoming album, ‘Amazonia’ seems to slightly miss the mark when it comes to generating the immense energy and intricate melodies Gojira are renowned for. However, whilst it may take multiple listens to fully grasp the vocal melodies across the song, the vital message conveyed through both the lyrics and music video allows the track to stand as one of the most important releases by the band thus far.

Incorporating numerous ways to donate to APIB (Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation), through raffles, auctions and merchandise, it is Gojira’s authenticity that shines prevalent in the single- using their musical and artistic abilities to benefit the lives of indigenous people exploited by the modern western world.

As for the technicality of the single itself, it is the intricate playing style of bassist, Jean-Michel Labadie, that stands out most. Generating a unique and distinctive approach to the bass, it is the gargantuan slides and relationship to the drums in Labadie’s playing that elevates the track to the next level and allows Gojira to capture this stunning tribal sound.

In regard to the song as a whole, ‘Amazonia’ is able to retain the band’s intrinsic message more strongly than ever before. Expanding their horizons with subtle parallels to their earlier work and musical influences, the single, whilst not as immediately catchy as the two previous tracks, has still become a vital part of Gojira’s extensive discography.

Echoing harrowing lines including, “the greatest miracle is burning to the ground” and “the source of our sorrow […] is the curse that we follow”, the track is guaranteed to resonate with listeners, provoking reflection on individual responsibility and our duty to defend the most vulnerable and exploited groups in society.



‘Amazonia’ is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

Fortitude is set to be released on April 30th. To pre-order the album click HERE!

To support the APIB (Brazil’s Indigenous People Articulation), you can take part in numerous raffles and auctions created by Gojira. Click HERE to find out more!


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What are your thoughts on ‘Amazonia’? Let us know via the comment section!


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