REVIEW: Sisyphean Generate Hype For Their Upcoming Album With Epic New Track, ‘Open Wounds’

Announcing their return following their debut album back in 2017, see how the atmospheric Black Metal band have piqued our interest with their latest track.

Since their formation in 2014, Lithuanian-based band, Sisyphean, have been forming a name for themselves across the industry with their unique approach to both Black Metal and Death Metal.

Renowned for emphasising the emotion in their sound, it is the intricate blend of genres and sentiment explored by the band that separates them from the crowds. Now, following the release of their latest single, ‘Open Wounds’, Sisyphean have already begun to turn heads and are guaranteed to win over audiences with what is yet to come.

Opening the epic track with the simple yet effective riff, Sisyphean immediately capture the attention of all those within earshot from the moment ‘Open Wounds’ commences. Droning, yet melancholic, the song draws subtle parallels to acts such as Black Sabbath and Gojira as the protruding heaviness captures a sense of both vigour and despair within the first few seconds.

However, despite initially honing in on the classic Death Metal sound, it is only once the thunderous vocals emerge that Sisyphean reveal the stunning nuance within the track. 

Steering the single down a Black Metal route as it progresses, the band showcase the intricate songwriting skills involved: carefully manoeuvring between numerous genres and emotions, all the while remaining loyal to their distinctive edge.

Although just five minutes in length, the range of ability covered throughout stands paramount. This comes as the single is certain to galvanise crowds from across the metal community through their brief nods to various metal sub-genres.

Whilst the vocals remain firmly fixated on Black Metal, it is the diversity of the instruments behind that set the single apart. Delving into genres including Grunge, Death and Modern Metal throughout, the chilling, cinematic energy in ‘Open Wounds’ has left us longing to hear more from the up-and-coming band.

As a whole, whilst the overall sound and imagery of the music video are guaranteed to appeal to metalheads across the community, it is the moments of nuance and emotion embedded within the track that has piqued our interest most. 

Whether a fan of Old-School Classic Metal, the emotional gravity of the Grunge scene or the technical precision of Modern Metal, this latest release is certain to satisfy those seeking out the ‘next-big-thing’ in the scene. 



‘Open Wounds’ is out now and available on YouTube. To watch the Live In Studio music video, click HERE!

Sisyphean’s second album, Colours of Faith, is set to be released later this year (release date TBA).

For more information about Sisyphean, check out the links below!






What are your thoughts on the single? Let us know via the comment section!


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