REVIEW: Wayward Sons Strip Back Their Classic Rock Roots In Latest Punk-Inspired Single, “Big Day”

Most widely recognised for their 70’s Hard Rock sound, see how the British band have opted for a very different route in their new track!

Since their debut in 2016, Wayward Sons have become widely known for their distinctive loyalty to the sound of Great British Classic Rock. Inspired by the Golden Age of metal, the band found success by rekindling the flame first ignited by the likes of Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin and Dio– winning them an immediate fanbase across the globe. 

Yet, with the release of their latest single on Friday, a shift in direction seems imminent for Wayward Sons as they delve into new, unforeseen territory ahead of their upcoming album. 

Predominantly Punk-orientated, ‘Big Day’ expands the band’s potential wider than what many thought was capable. Neglecting the Hard Rock undertones and striking vocals that they were most widely recognised for, ‘Big Day’ instead strays from previous hits such as ‘Until The End’ and ‘The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be’ in exchange for a more simple, mainstream hit.

Capturing the uplifting, hopeful attitudes most commonly seen in American Punk and Hardcore Rock, after hearing ‘Big Day’, one could be forgiven for misconstruing the band as being predominantly influenced by acts such as Green Day and Cheap Trick.

Yet, this newfound shift in genre by the band isn’t to say that Wayward Sons have lost their unique edge. 

Although a highly different dynamic and structure than what was first expected, the deviation away from the exclusively-Classic Rock genre shouldn’t be confused with a sense of disappointment for the band’s current fans. 

Still able to incorporate brief nods to Ronnie James Dio through the vocals of frontman, Toby Jepson, and embed moments of 1970s vigour inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, ‘Big Day’ by no means shows the band to have strayed too far from their origins. 

Merely an experimental new approach to their sound, the upbeat simplicity and feel-good sound of the track offers a refreshing escape from the increasingly dire subject matter captured in other releases across the industry. 

Placing a positive spin on the current disarray across society, in its entirety, ‘Big Day’ ventures down the route less travelled; spreading the message of hope and perseverance, all the while capturing the uplifting sound many artists are too hesitant to pursue. 



‘Big Day’ is out now via Frontiers Music and available on all major streaming platforms. 

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