Unto Others Mark Their Return With New Single, ‘When Will Gods Work Be Done’

Back with a new single and signing to Roadrunner Records, see how the band are making waves in the metal scene.

Formerly known under the name ‘Idle Hands’, Oregon-based band, Unto Others, are back and marking a new chapter with the release of their latest track, ‘When Will Gods Work Be Done’.

Known for their 80s-inspired riffs and eye-catching, baritone vocals from frontman, Gabriel Franco, the single encapsulates everything that sets Unto Others apart. Now, erupting back into the scene with the track, the band showcase their signature sound and prove why they’ve caught the eye of some of the biggest names within the industry. 

With a stunning blend of Heavy Metal, 80s Post Punk and, of course, 90s Gothic Rock, ‘When Will Gods Work Be Done’ becomes a perfect gateway into Unto Others’ discography for those unfamiliar with the band. 

Despite its initial simplicity- demonstrated in both the chorus and main riff, it is the immense emotion and melancholy captured throughout the track that stands prevalent.

Depicting themes of frustration and isolation in the lyrical content and dismal landscapes portrayed in the music video, Unto Others not only urge you to get up and move with the track, but also stir up a sense of intrigue as it progresses.

Continuously building up towards its eruptive, technically-refined close, the single draws parallels to acts such as Type O Negative, all the while capturing a new, unpredictable sound that allows the band to stand out from the masses. What’s more, alongside its refreshing breath of originality, it is the moments of grit, explosive riffs and immense drumming that promise to impress even the most pedantic fans and urges new listeners to delve into their previous releases.

Now, marking a new chapter as they sign a contract with Roadrunner records, ‘When Will Gods Work Be Done’ poses a question about what we can expect to see next from Unto Others. 

Venturing down a slighter heavier root than seen in their biggest hits to date, ‘Jackie’ and ‘Can You Hear The Rain’, the intensity of the latest track not only establishes Unto Others as a force to be reckoned with but also galvanises intrigue for what the future holds for the band.



What are your thoughts on ‘When Will Gods Work Be Done’? Are you a fan of Unto Others? Let us know via the comment section!

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