Welcome to Beneath the Surface!

Hey guys, Liberty here! I am the founder and owner of Beneath the Surface, a website filled to the brim with all things concerning the world of Rock and Heavy Metal.

A London-based music journalist, I created Beneath the Surface as a way to provide you with all the current updates from some of my favourite artists.

I have always been a firm believer that the most meaningful music isn’t what you find on the radio or in the mainstream charts, but rather what you discover when you open your mind (and ears) to the less recognised genres! Hence, I want to use this website to show you just how incredible music can be when you look beyond the mainstream trends and glance at the music that lurks beneath the surface. 

Exclusive interviews, album reviews and behind-the-scenes insights into your favourite artists are just a few things you can expect to find here. From taking a glimpse back into what made those iconic albums so… iconic, to taking a leap forward and seeing how the most current bands are rewriting their genres, Beneath the Surface encompasses everything rock-related.

In my time so far as a journalist, I’ve had the pleasure of writing freelance for various publications. Whether it be reviewing the latest releases or having a heart-on-sleeve discussion with musicians about their personal lives, my work can be seen in places such as Blasting News and Louder Sound.