An Interview with Throw The Fight’s Ryan Baustert

The guitarist of the Hardcore band reflects on what makes Throw The Fight stand out and why their best work is still yet to come.

Selling over 40,000 albums and reaching over 40 million streams on Spotify alone, Throw The Fight are a band that refuse to hold back when it comes to making their sound heard.

Forming back in 2003, the hardcore band from Minnesota have only gotten better with the passing of time, with their latest album, Transmissions, receiving extensive critical acclaim from its debut. From sharing stages with monumental bands including Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides and All That Remains, to securing slots at The Vans Warped Tour and Rock Fest, Throw The Fight have succeeded in captivating audiences worldwide with their impeccable stage presence and electrifying riffs.

Now, with their upcoming fourth studio album, Settle Your Sins, just around the corner, find out why exactly this promises to be their strongest release to date.

Speaking with band member, Ryan Baustert, earlier this month, check out what the guitarist considers the highlight of his career and how Throw The Fight plan to conquer the music industry with their upcoming album.



You have been known to win over most of your fans when you come to life on stage. What is it about performing that is so appealing to you and allows you to captivate new listeners with each show?

“For us, it’s the best part about being in a band. It’s just fun being able to meet people at shows and get to know people on a more personal level. I think that if you’re in a rock band, being able to connect with your audience in a live setting is crucial.”


From sharing stages with bands such as All That Remains, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine and Black Veil Brides, what would you consider to be the highlight of your career so far?

“Touring with Bullet For My Valentine will always be a highlight for me. That band, in particular, has been a big influence on our sound. We’ve been fortunate to be able to learn a lot from tons of great artists and producers over the years.”


How have you adapted your style of music or way of performing after playing alongside such monumental bands? Have these experiences influenced you in some way? 

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we’ve adapted our style of music because of it, but I think it’s definitely taught us how to be professional on the road.”


Many people may recognise you from the masses of festivals you have played, including The Vans Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos. What is it about festivals that you thrive off and feel allows you to showcase your sound so well?

“For me, festivals always seem to have a different energy than club shows and feel larger-than-life. We might only have a 10 or 15-minute changeover from the band before us so we end up having to just throw our gear up there, dial it in quick, and then GO! Those performances are always no-frills with tons of energy.”


Who were your biggest influences when you first formed and how has this changed over the years?

“I was really into pop-punk when we formed in 2003, so our early songs had that vibe. Bands like New Found Glory and Alkaline Trio have always been staples for me. Over the years, we’ve gotten heavier and we’re all collectively into bands like Killswitch Engage, Every Time I Die, and Parkway Drive. For us, it’s always been about doing what’s best for the song in question and just trying to write strong rock songs.”


Transmissions did exceedingly well upon its release, selling over 15,000 copies worldwide and counting- yet you insist that this is only the beginning for Throw The Fight. Where do you see your upcoming album taking you in the future?

“In a perfect scenario, this album would have been out two years ago. But we ended up going through a lineup change after recording the album. Our vocalist left and our bassist, Kade, stepped in to fill vocal duties. So we decided to scrap the old record and re-write all the lyrics and melodies. Kade re-tracked all the vocals on the completed music and did a killer job!”


With Settle Your Sins, you assure your fans that you are providing the best songs you’ve ever written…What exactly is it that we can expect from the album that makes it stand out from your previous releases?

“Hopefully, it will find us being able to tour more and connect with people at shows live (whenever that becomes a thing again). That’s the aspect we miss the most now. We just want to get the music out to as many people as possible. Europe is definitely on our radar. We plan on making it over to Europe for the first time in 2021.”


When you say that Throw The Fight’s time has only just begun, what exactly do you mean? You have already sold over 40,000 combined albums, over 50,000 digital singles and over 40 million streams on Spotify alone… what do you aim to achieve with Settle Your Sins?

“Kade’s vocals will probably be the biggest thing that stands out to people. But he also sings on the last six tracks we’ve released so maybe it won’t be that big of a surprise at all to anyone who’s been listening for the past couple of years. Haha! Other than that, we’re just trying to write strong, hooky rock songs!”



Throw The Fight’s upcoming album, Settle Your Sins is due to be released on August 7th, 2020 via Bullet Tooth Records.

For more information about Throw The Fight, check out our feature piece on the band here!

Check out the artwork for Settle Your Sins below and to preorder the album, click here!

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