Old-School Metal with a Hardcore Twist: A Review of Dead Man’s Chest EP, ‘Dear God’

Bringing back the sound of Metal legends but with their own signature spin, the band’s latest release is a perfect dose of nostalgia for traditional metal fans.

Back with a new EP, Hardcore band, Dead Man’s Chest are set to revive the Golden Age of metal with one of their strongest releases to date.

Just two songs long, Dear God may be brief, but still manages to pack a punch from the second it commences- providing the raw force of Slayer and Lamb Of God, but with an added Hardcore spin.

Forming back in 2006, the band have been winning over crowds and turning heads with each live performance. However, it is their latest release that is set to become their best work to date, elegantly capturing the sound that they have spent over a decade perfecting.

Opening with the foreboding, 1984-esque voiceover as the title track fades in, Dead Man’s Chest immediately sparks up anticipation for the brutal, aggression-filled EP destined to follow.

From the pure force behind the vocals to the precision of the instrumentals, the track, ‘Dear God’, immediately hits listeners with the utmost intensity, proving the band are a force to be reckoned with. 

Showcasing their inspiration from bands such as Slayer, Machine Head and Suicidal Tendencies throughout, the EP feels oddly familiar, yet with an undeniable, Hardcore twist- giving the band their distinctive edge.

For instance, the second track on the EP, ‘United States of Me’ perfectly blends vicious breakdowns with an earth-shattering eruption of energy… certain to win over even the most elite metalheads.

Leaning more towards Metal, rather than their signature Hardcore sound, it is this track that stands out most… drawing similarities to legendary, technically-fuelled bands such as Gojira and Cro-Mags.

Although generally opting for a more mainstream Metal approach in this release, as Bartosz’s vocals echo the foreboding line: “everything you love will go up in flames”, it is certain that the band haven’t deviated too far from their Hardcore roots.

Incorporating their signature, self-proclaimed ‘circle pit energy’ into both tracks, Dead Man’s Chest guarantee to captivate an audience of any size once they are finally able to re-hit the stage. By producing not only their strongest release yet, but also capturing a sound exclusive to them, it is safe to assume that the band have achieved their target of delivering the nostalgia from the golden age of Metal with a contemporary, Hardcore twist.

As a whole, Dear God, whilst brief, manages to perfectly capture the sound that Dead Man’s Chest have spent over a decade pioneering. From the foreboding, Orwellian-style introduction to the unwavering ferocity of the tracks that follow, it is certain that the EP is destined to become a staple in the band’s discography and will win over both Metal and Hardcore fans far and wide.



Dear God is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

A separate track, ‘As The World Burns’ (a cover from Bolt Thrower), is also available and free to download here!

To keep up with Dead Man’s Chest, check out the links below!





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