What is Installed for the Future of Red Hot Chili Peppers?

A decade since his second departure from the band, John Frusciante is back- but what exactly does this mean?

Back with Red Hot Chili Peppers for the third time now, the return of legendary guitarist, John Frusciante, marks one of the most awaited announcements in music history. 

Announced via Instagram back in December, shockwaves were sent across social media and devoted fans around the globe were left sceptical if the news was too good to be true. Now, over time, the news is finally starting to sink in as anticipation rises for the next upcoming album.

But for those unfamiliar with what John Frusciante’s return signifies, all of the hype and rumours circulating may feel bewildering and leave us wondering- what exactly does this all mean?

Well, to many fans, John Frusciante is considered one of the most diverse and talented guitarists of all time (and consistently labelled as such on NME and Rolling Stones’ Top 10 lists). This, paired with his wide range of vocals, guitar styles and songwriting ability, the musician is often held in high regard as being the ‘heart’ of the chart-topping band.

From his first appearance in the band, back in 1989, the guitarist immediately shifted the sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers for the better- making it more accessible for wider audiences, yet, unable to be replicated. 

The chaotic, unadulterated-funk albums with Hillel Slovak, such as The Uplift Mofo Party Plan and Freaky Styley, switched to a more accessible, emotion-driven sound after Frusciante joined in 1989. With songs such as ‘Under The Bridge’ and ‘I Could Have Lied’, the guitarist’s impact on the band was undeniable from the start as the band immediately jumped up the charts for the first time since their formation.

Able to bring out a delicate, more intricate side of the remaining members, John’s charismatic, yet reserved persona led to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ most successful songs and brought them to the status that they are now. 

So, how exactly does that impact the band currently? Well, simply put, fans are expecting a resurgence of chart-topping songs from their upcoming release for the first time in years.

Since the band’s past two albums with guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, have failed to receive the same critical reception as Californication, By The Way and Blood Sugar Sex Magik, it seems almost as if the band are destined to have Frusciante in order to produce their best work.

Never failing to bring the most intense live performances with Frusciante, including their monumental performance at Ireland’s Slane Castle, the next Red Hot Chili Peppers tour is guaranteed to break records from the second that it is announced. 

With tickets expected to sell like gold-dust, the band is almost certain to produce some of their greatest work yet and revive the fading flame of their career.

However, based on the guitarist’s recent solo projects, we can expect Frusciante’s return to incorporate a new, unique sound to Red Hot Chili Peppers- bringing a much needed new lease of life into their music.

Since his departure, John Frusciante’s musical range has expanded exponentially, from the ethereal and melancholic album- The Empyrean, to his self-reinvention as the acid-house and IDM musician- “Trickfinger” (in which he openly rejected the guitar). 

Whilst everyone is still uncertain of what to expect from the upcoming Red Hot Chili Peppers album, it is guaranteed that this moment, which so many fans have eagerly awaited, promises a revival of the band.

Although we don’t know when the album is due to be released or when live performances in general will commence, Frusciante’s return marks a new era for the band and promises to break records across the music industry.



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