The Venus In Scorpio- “Roam” Single Review

The self-proclaimed “mysterious and moody They next door” provides a perfect ’80’s inspired hit alongside a message of acceptance and resilience.

One of the most outlandish and inspiring acts of 2020, Maxim Faster, better known as The Venus In Scorpio is set to capture attention globally with their latest single, ‘Roam’.

The genderless, sex-positive artist, based in Los Angeles, has already become widely recognised for their ‘80s inspired sound- underpinned by an unapologetic message of sexual liberation and self-empowerment. Now, with the release of ‘Roam’, The Venus In Scorpio shows no sign of holding back when it comes to holding their heart on their sleeve. 

A fusion of ‘80s Synth-rock, ‘70s glam and 2000’s pop, ‘Roam’ perfectly embodies the sound that The Venus In Scorpio became founded upon. 

Beginning with the synth-driven riff, the track immediately draws similarities to hit’s such as A-HA’s ‘Take On Me’ and New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’- guaranteed to provide an uplifting, liberating sound which is infectious to listeners.

Yet, whilst unquestionably inspired by artists such as David Bowie, George Michael and Dead Or Alive vocalist, Pete Burns, The Venus In Scorpio is by no means easy to categorise. 

Subverting genres continuously through their discography and striving to defy expectations with both their image and sound, The Venus In Scorpio’s eccentricity doesn’t just capture the 1980s, but also generates a sound that is distinctive to them.

Not seen merely through the artist’s outlandish, unapologetic image, this refusal to conform is further seen in the track’s deeper, hidden meaning.

Centred around the desire to escape a small town and venture out into new horizons, ‘Roam’ withholds more nuance and depth than it’s uptempo, danceable sound initially lets on. Carrying a message of determination, perseverance and hope, the track perfectly conforms to the ideologies that the artists holds close to their heart.

Whether discussing a physical journey towards a place offering more opportunities, or a metaphorical liberation from oppressive, restrictive mindsets, ‘Roam’ offers a triumphant message of acceptance and empowerment- something all too relevant for the current tumultuous climate. 

Perfectly blending the uplifting familiarity of the ‘80s with a sense of refreshing obscurity and deeper meaning, The Venus In Scorpio has already begun to turn heads with their discography and is guaranteed to reinvigorate the current music scene. 




‘Roam’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with The Venus In Scorpio, check out the links below!


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