Geometry of Chaos- “Idolatry” Single Review

With their debut single, the up-and-coming band are set to turn heads with their forthcoming album.

With over twenty years of experience in the ever-tempestuous music industry, there is no doubt that Geometry of Chaos are a band founded on experience. Created by Fabio La Manna and Davide Cardella, the Italian duo are incorporating influences from genres across the metal world to capture their own distinctive sound. 

Inspired by an assortment of rock music- ranging from classic rock, Gothic Metal and ‘70s Prog, and also heavily inspired by cinematic centrepieces such as the films by David Lynch, Geometry of Chaos have created a refreshing new take on the rock scene.

Now, with the release of their debut single, ‘Idolatry’, the band are proving that their previous time in the music industry has only served to make their sound more distinctive with this new project.

Instantly recognisable as Prog from the moment it begins, yet with an accessible undertone of Classic Rock, ‘Idolatry’ provides an invigorating new approach to technical metal. From the unorthodox time signatures of the introduction, to the vocals, which remain as a unique hybrid of Ronnie James Dio and James LaBrie, it is safe to say that Geometry of Chaos have already found a gap in the market. 

Although closing in on seven minutes, the progression of one section into another ensures that the track grows far from being stagnant. With each element being stand-out in its own way, yet refined enough to transition with complete ease, ‘Idolatry’ perfectly captures the elegance of Prog with the hard-hitting riffs of Classic Metal.

Inspired by the rock pioneers of the 1960s, including bands such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd, but with the added touch of modern, technically-profound artists such as Tool, the duo are set to bring a technical, yet, retro-inspired sound onto the scene.

With the epic, cinematic undertones to the track, paired alongside the accessible riffs that would appeal to any classic rock fan, both La Manna and Cardella are undeniably providing a refreshing new take on rock music- experimenting with multiple genres and conveying their sense of passion throughout.  

As to the future of Geometry of Chaos? The vast range of musical influences ensure that the sound to be expected from the band is something quite unlike anyone else on the scene.

Awaiting the upcoming debut album from the duo, which is set to feature multiple guest appearances, Geometry of Chaos have already proven with their debut single that they are ones to keep an eye out for in the Prog and Metal scene.




‘Idolatry’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up with Geometry of Chaos, check out the links below!


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