An Interview with Up-and-Coming Band, Weekend Picnic

Following the release of their debut single last month, the Minnesota-based band discuss why they’re ones to keep an eye out for in the music scene.

Founded just last year, Weekend Picnic are set to leave their mark on the industry. 

Capturing their own, unique sound and drawing similarities to bands such as Alter Bridge and Shinedown with their latest track, the band from Minneapolis are already beginning to turn heads in the rock scene.

Now, with a new album on the horizon and capturing the intrigue of listeners across the globe, the band summarise in their own words how they came to form, how they captured their distinctive sound and what the future holds for Weekend Picnic!

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How would you sum up Weekend Picnic to new listeners?

“Weekend Picnic is a rock band that seeks to deliver heavy music to a wide audience through high energy rhythmic guitars, powerful riffs, and soaring vocals that make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs!”


Weekend Picnic are a self-proclaimed melting pot of different genres, where did this style come from? Is it a result of you all having different musical influences?

“Most of the musical elements in our songs were written by Ben, though they’ve all been tailored by each of our individual play styles. Ben’s big goal with each song was to make each song articulate something that somebody would enjoy who is a fan of almost any genre.”

“Songs were built to have a very singable melody and hook like pop music, thunderous and heavy riffs like metal and hard rock, quick high energy themes like punk, and hard-hitting rhythmic passes like djent and metalcore. This style, though hard to define, came from the desire to make our music accessible for anyone hearing it. We actually had a dance track too but then we cut it. [laughs]”


What exactly are you looking to achieve with Weekend Picnic? Have you managed to capture a certain gap in the market… or are you merely music lovers, writing tracks that you’d want to hear yourselves?

“We are certainly writing tracks that we’d want to hear ourselves! But, we also know that our kind of music can capture the attention of a lot of listeners. We’re hoping that our music breaks away from the classic molds that hold people to a certain sound.”

“If we can get you bobbing your head and singing along, we consider that a success. We’re hoping to take this thing as far as it will go and share our music with as many people as possible!”


Your debut album is expected to be released later this year… what can listeners expect from the album?

“Oh, this is exciting. We’ve got a bit of everything on this album! We’re hoping listeners will be invested in all of it from our huge anthemic bangers to our emotional and luscious ballads; with just about everything in between!”


Once venues begin to reopen and live performances finally return, what can we expect to see from Weekend Picnic live? Will you explode into action once you hit the stage or will each performance be more intimate and emotion-driven?

“We don’t know yet ourselves! Our name hopefully can allude to the kind of fun we’re hoping to have on-stage. We love our music though, so expect us to share it with that same enthusiasm and high energy!”


Forming just last year, you already seem to have captured your own distinctive sound. Although it is still early stages, do you already have plans to evolve your sound and venture into new directions?

“The more you create, the inevitability of evolving always sinks in. However, the same principles will likely apply to all of our music; It will hopefully always be singable with some rich supportive rhythmic guitars.”


Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now? Is there a certain goal or milestone that you’d like to achieve?

“Being able to support ourselves financially on music is a goal for all of us. Our current careers definitely still mean something, but being able to live out a dream successfully by doing something you absolutely love is hard to beat. Getting to tour with other bands we love would be a huge honor and a milestone we definitely hope to achieve someday.”




Weekend Picnic’s debut single, ‘Suffer The Silence’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms. To read our review on the track here!

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